KME Dribble Bar Article in Irish Journal

An extract from a feature in The Irish Farmer’s Journal 

“Having heard from farmers of the trouble with conventional dribble bar technologies on the market, Kerry Mechanical Engineering (KME) have successfully developed a new dribble bar that offers a real solution.”  

A common concern with conventional dribble bar technologies is the atmospheric pollution, and it is likely that this conventional method of spreading liquid manure could be banned under government plans to prevent air pollution. Pk Sales are delighted to partner with KME to be sole supplier of a new Dribble bar that offers a real solution to the problem.

Dribble Bar in The Irish Farmers Journal

The KME dribble bar spreads slurry close to the ground where it is unaffected by the wind resulting in a much higher proportion of the nutrients reaching the crop and reducing the amount of atmospheric pollution compared to the splash plate method.  The dribble bar system is designed to follow ground contour allowing the rubber boots to achieve a uniform spread pattern with economic use of inorganic fertilizer.

Many “dribble bars on the market were having serious trouble with venting and blockages”. As a result, KME “developed a breather plate on their horizontal macerator, ensuring a very even distribution to all hoses.” Their “breather plate, that is patent pending, solves this problem. “It’s working seriously well and never gives trouble” explains Fergus O’Keeffe, owner of KME.

“The uptake and feedback of the new technology has been massively positive and Fergus believes that there are several additional benefits to using their technology. Ease of use is a huge selling point of the device.” On the KME Dribble bar macerator, “there are 2 door clips. When these are opened, the whole macerator is accessible. You have total access in 30 seconds, whereas to do that with any other machine it can take half a day.  Every other machine just has an inspection plate, but if you have a problem, you can’t freely access the blockage.”

“Another advantage is ease of service.  There’s one bolt holding down the blade carrier. Take out the bolt and the whole blade system lifts out to you. You can have the whole machine serviced in 30 minutes in comparison to taking a whole day with other systems on the market.”

Safety is a primary focus for KME.  “When you open the back door of our macerator, all oil is diverted back to the tractor. This is only unique to KME, dribble bar. When you open ours everything shuts off. ”

KME ‘s new dribble bar comes in a range of options: 7.5 metre, 9.6 metre and 12 metre. “The 12 metre option has a double macerator, ideally suited for the umbilical cord.” says Fergus.

PK Sales is delighted to be the sole UK supplier of the KME Dribble bar.

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